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2023   Fatima Deutscheskind - Retrospektive,
loop - raum für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin

2024 This exhibition has closed now...tomorrow, as/em, Leipzig

2024 Public Viewing,
loop - raum für aktuelle kunst, Berlin

2024 Vorbei Schauen, Halt 21/7, Berlin

2024 Game Night, HalbHaus
Potsdamer Str. 120, Berlin

2023 Open House,
Studio Ackerstraße, Berlin

2016   Fatima Deutscheskind -Making Fashion Great Again (Performance),Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin

2015 Es kann immer auch ganz anders sein, Bar Babette, Berlin

2012 Private Views, Schikaneder, Wien
2024 Sophia Hubel, Das Wetter #33, Germany

Alter Ego Fatima Deutscheskind, based in Berlin, has been creating concept art since 2016.

Through virtual, digital, and analog practices, her work includes installations and sculptures, digital prints, videos, and performances.


Fatima examines and distorts narratives of pop and socio-cultural phenomena, incorporating current fashion, consumerism and lifestyle trends. Through inversion, exaggeration or decontextualization she takes them to absurdity and thus creates new perceptual spaces.

Recurring references include collaborations, memes, stock images, brand logos, fashion codes, and digital sign language (emojis, memes). Topics range from self-optimizing body and mind, dissolving the boundaries of object and product, to basic reality construction.


The nowadays even more crucial topic of fakes and scams have been driving Fatima‘s work from the very beginning, long before widely accessible AI generation tools became popular.

Fatima has been examining and adapting diverse tools of digital verification, creating alternate realities on platforms like google maps, or producing perfect visual replicas of alleged collaborations with widely known external brands.


In her first solo show, [Retrospektive], at [loop - space for contemporary art] in 2023, Fatima reflects on and summarizes her ever-expanding network of subsidiaries (Fatima Deutscheskind Fine Arts, Fatima Deutscheskind Fine Commerce), associations (FC Forza Fatima), foundations and charity organizations (FC Forza Fatima Care Foundation - Certified Rescue, Sponsor your Sponsor), constituting the world of Fatima Deutscheskind.

This framework has been built as a conceptual basis for the development of most of her works.


Fatima applies the aesthetic of the mundane, real world to her artworks, creating her own twisted visual narrative.

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